There’s hope for my nose…

by Page on April 18, 2010

Yippee!  I solved the problem of the image gallery showing up on all the pages!  “Think Different” is my motto.  I scrapped the image gallery and created a set of rotating header images, so you get a different image every time you load or refresh a page.  I think it looks pretty spiffy!  We are almost ready to go live, I think.

Vicky looked at the site on a PC at work the other day and came home all horrified about it, so we had to resize all the images.  Yowie, my pain is like a red, red nose after all this clicking and dragging.  I’m really hoping that everything will look OK the next time she checks it out.  Then maybe I’ll feel well enough to return to my co-hosting job at Page Presents this week.  I want to show everyone the site so they’ll know I haven’t been slacking!

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