Meet Leaf!

by Vicky on June 28, 2011

It’s my great honor to introduce Leaf the Bookworm, cousin brother of our dear departed bookworm, Page.

Like Page, Leaf is a globetrotter.  In fact, he was traveling through the Far East and the Pacific Islands for many months, and so had not heard about Page’s tragic disappearance.

“I came as soon as they laid it on me,” he told me.  “Bummed me out, sister.  I grew up with that worm.  We were tight.  I am flat mystified.  He told me he was really diggin’ his gig with you too.  Life just ain’t fair.  If there’s anything I can do to help, just lay it on me.”

“We’ve all been missing Page so much,” I told him.  “The children keep asking, ‘Where’s the Worm?’  Would it be asking too much for you to spend some time hanging out with us and sharing stories from your travels?”

“You got it, sis.  When do I start?”

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