Perceval, le Maistre Chat (1987-2010)

by Vicky on September 12, 2010

Our cat, Percy, passed away on Wednesday, September 8, after a four day illness.  He almost succumbed in May, but confounded the vet’s prognostication that our 23-year-old cat wouldn’t see July.  Instead, he put on weight, his coat regained its elegant luster, and he lived to savor one last, glorious summer.

He was my mother’s cat, and he came to live with us after she passed away in January 2005.  He was already a very old cat then, yet he learned an incredible number of new behaviors during the five years he was part of our family—an exemplar of life-long learning!

Like a Jedi master, he maintained his alpha cat status among our family of cats with a subtle and graceful, invisible projection of chi, right up until his last moments.

As a parting gift and special emblem of favor for some dear friends who were visiting from Germany last month, he caught a bird.  With characteristic panache, he announced this noblesse oblige with his signature lion roar!

The Master Cat taught us much.

We will miss him.

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Pat Palmer September 13, 2010 at 8:16 pm

Farewell Fair Perce!

Perhaps, dear Cuz, he lounges once more, purring, on your Mother’s celestial lap.

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