Are Librarians Gaga?

by Vicky on May 30, 2010

A colleague and fellow alumnus of the University of Washington Information School just sent me this video, featuring students and faculty at the iSchool.

I should point out, for non-initiates, the significance of the antelope.  This is code for a debate about the nature of documents, introduced during the twentieth century and continuing into the digital age.  In 1951, Suzanne Briet (1894-1989) published an article on the nature of documentation, asserting that “A document is evidence in support of a fact.”

According to Briet, an antelope running wild on the African savannah is not a document.  But an antelope placed in a zoo and made an object of study is a document, she rules.  For more about antelopes as documents, see “What is a “document”? by Michael K. Buckland.

Full disclosure: Antelopes also figured prominently in the class song I wrote for the end-of-term party hosted by my cohort.

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