Monsters and the Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid

by Vicky on October 21, 2012

We had a super-fun Monster storytime this week.  After our welcome song, everyone received their Monster Name.  I wrote everyone’s monster name on the giant sticky-notepad.  Everyone’s monster name begins with MON-, followed by the first syllable of each person’s name, and ends with -STER.  So my monster name is Mon-Vic-Ster, or it could be MON-Vee-STER.  This was really fun, as everyone’s monster name sounds quite exotic and scary.  It’s also a good way to reinforce awareness of syllables.

Then I read them the marvelous book, Go Away, Big Green Monster, by Ed Emberley.

Next, we sang “One Little, Two Little, Three Creepy Monsters,” and each child got to put a monster on the flannel board.  Then I read the book, Ten Creepy Monsters, by Carey Armstrong-Ellis.  Now each child took turns removing a monster from the flannel board. 

Stuart had made a set of wonderfully colorful and creepy monsters, and the kids loved playing with them.  Two of the newer kids, who are still sometimes too shy to fully participate, were so attracted by the monsters that they didn’t even realize they were leaving their mothers’ sides to join the other kids.

For our movement and music activity, we formed two lines facing each other, and took turns promenading in pairs while doing the Monster Mash.  Our puppet show was the story of The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, by Linda D. Williams and illustrated by Megan Lloyd.

This is really fun to do as a puppet show, but you must have a second puppeteer, so I was thrilled to have Gavin helping out again.  He chimed in on sound effects, too, without being coached.

Afterwards, the kids made fabulous monster portraits!

And several of them transformed their portraits into bodi-puppets, and became creepy little monsters themselves!

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