Who’s in Rabbit’s House?

by Vicky on September 14, 2012

I love this story, Who’s in Rabbit’s House? —retold by Verna Aardema, with wonderfully stylish illustrations by Leo and Diane Dillon—especially since it is presented as a play.  I use my elegant Rabbit puppet and roguish Frog puppet and let Leaf the Bookworm play all the other parts with a series of masks.

One day, Rabbit comes home to find the door of her house locked.  When she tries to get in, a scary voice from inside warns: “I am The Long One.  I eat trees and trample on elephants.  Go away or I will trample on you!”

The Frog offers to help Rabbit, but she rejects him scornfully.  Frog retreats to watch the ensuing events with amusement.

All of the animals pass by Rabbit’s house on their way to the lake.  One by one they stop to ask Rabbit why she is crying.  One by one they offer to help eject the intruder.

Unfortunately, each animal’s method requires destroying Rabbit’s house.  After Leopard, Jackal, and Rhino (Elephant in my version) all fail to get rid of the monster, and Rabbit has an unfortunate mishap, Rabbit humbly accepts Frog’s offer to help.  Clever Frog comes up with a daring plan, and succeeds in routing The Long One.

The Long One turns out to be, not a scary monster, but a small caterpillar.  Here is Leaf, wearing all his masks at once!  Leaf is such a thespian.  Below is Rabbit with The Long One.

After the puppet show, the kids made their own Rabbit masks.

It’s amazing how effortlessly masks seem to draw forth different characters and promote dramatic play.

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