The Tale of Two Bad Mice

by Vicky on February 12, 2012

For this week’s story time, I told one of my favorite stories, The Tale of Two Bad Mice, by Beatrix Potter.

My rather flimsy flannelboard backdrop that I made last year did not survive the move, so Stuart made me a much sturdier (and larger!) one out of cardboard. 

We are working on a much grander plan, but this beta version looked great and performed very well.

The bad mice are so delightfully naughty, with feathers flying as they trash the bedroom, that kids always get a big kick out of my retelling with puppets.

For more pictures, see this post from one of last year’s performances.

Afterwards, the kids made paper bag puppets of Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb.

The Tom Thumb puppet had a blue collar, and the Hunca Munca had a lace apron and/or cap.

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