Year of the Dragon!

by Vicky on February 8, 2012

How could I forget to include our story time celebration of the Year of the Dragon?  Especially since I am a Dragon and have been looking forward to this year for a long time!

I read This Next New Year, by Janet S. Wong, and told the story “Big Fish” (from Usborne Stories of Dragons, by Gillian Doherty) about a fisherman who catches a huge fish that turns out to be the son of the Dragon King under the sea.  In return for freeing the dragon, the fisherman finds that he has abundant catches forever after.

The next I went to the iYouth conference at the University of Washington Information School the next day, and got to meet Janet Wong in person!  And she autographed my copy of This Next New Year!  Her presentation was great, as was the entire conference.  I have so many new ideas to try out.

Here are the simple Dragon puppets we made at our story time.

They flew beautifully.

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