Maker of Fine Wands

by Vicky on August 13, 2011

Before I go on to write about other recent projects, I must put in a plug for the excellent wands made by my partner, Stuart, who is known in the wizarding world as Magnus Arthfael.

For the special occasion of our Hogwarts @ Hillerman party, Magnus crafted lovely wands for me and for my colleagues.

He chose rose wood for most of them, paying homage to the exquisite rose garden that surrounds our library.

Here are some of the wands from the workshop of Magnus Arthfael, Maker of Fine Wands!

The wand that Magnus made for me is fifteen and three quarters inches long, springy, made of vine, excellent for transfiguration.  It has a whimsical quality, much like that of my dress hat!

Thank you, Magnus Arthfael!

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