Introducing Page!

by Page on April 12, 2010

Hi everybody!  I’m Page, co-host of Page Presents: Learn with Stories, Music & Art at the Juan Tabo Library.

I’m a Webworm, as well as a bookworm, as you can see.  Everybody thinks I’ve been on vacation to someplace cool like the British Library, but I’ve actually been wearing my nose out at our MacBook Pro, updating my skills and setting up our blog.

Ohhh, my sore nose!  All that clicking!  WAAAAAAAAA,  I want an iPad!!!!  Customizing our new blog has been a LOT of work.  Right now I still can’t figure out how to get the image gallery to be only on the Welcome page.  But I’m gonna give my nose a break.  I think the blog looks pretty cool already, though, don’t you?

When my nose feels better, I’ll add a colophon (that’s something we bookworms know about, I’ll explain later).  In the meantime, I wanted to tell you that the fonts we used on the banner image for the site are inspired by the work of Alexander Girard. Girard Sansusie and Girard Script were created by the über-cool type foundry, House Industries. Check out their fab tribute to Girard.  Vicky has been wishing for their Girard blocks for ages and ages.

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