Story Time Robots

by Vicky on March 15, 2011

Robots were the theme for our Page Presents class this week, which featured the puppet play, “Take Me to Your Library,” from One-Person Puppet Plays, by Denise Anton Wright.

I updated the story quite a lot, and my space alien was a ROBOT space alien named Robo, from the planet Robozoid.  The play began with a flying saucer (pie plate) flying over the puppet theatre and landing behind the scenes.  There was a lot of offstage beeping, which added to the suspense. The kids played right along with the interactive script, and when Rabbit asked them about the strange beeping noises he had been hearing, they reported gleefully that there was a robot alien.

Of course he did not believe them.

Naturally, they loved it when he later confessed, “You were right about that robot space alien!!!” And, rather than handing over his library books to the demanding Robozoid tourist, Rabbit took Robo along to the library to experience its wonders for himself (including the fabulous Ms. V). At that point I appeared as myself and convinced Robo to take downloadable digital books back to Robozoid and leave the physical books (checked out to Rabbit) on Earth. And the flying saucer zoomed off into outer space to the sounds of cheering and applause.

Afterwards the kids had a blast making Robot bodi-puppets. The beautiful letters and numbers come from pages I recycled from last year’s Stendig wall calendar. Discarded CDs, a space blanket, wrapping paper tubes covered with aluminum foil, and transparent iridescent gift wrap were also featured.

They really loved dancing like robots to the fabulous song, “Back When We Were All Machines,” by Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen.  Check out this great Youtube music video! Funny social commentary from a couple of topnotch musicians…

The dancing Robot children made me keep playing it again and again.

On Saturday I repeated the puppet play for my Music and Movement class, and this time I added Daft Punk’s “Technologic” and A. R. Rahman’s “Jai Ho” to the robot dance party playlist!

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