Cool After School: Hieroglyphs

by Vicky on February 15, 2011

Our Cool After School class on January 26 focused on hieroglypic writing.  Inspired by Sean Callery’s Code Quest: Hieroglyphs, I printed out a hieroglyphic alphabet and additional hieroglyphs from the book.

My friend, Nadia, who was there with her two sons, had studied ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing, and she brought some of her books to show the kids.  She also showed them how to write the cursive hieratic script!

The kids created their own cartouches.

And, with the help of the hieroglypic font from the CD included with the Code Quest book, I was able to type out their names on my laptop.

We noted slight differences between the hieroglyphic alphabet on their handout, the hieratic alphabet Nadia had shown them, and the hieroglyphic font on my laptop.

Then they made fantastic canopic jars!

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