Halloween Cats

by Vicky on November 29, 2010

For the Halloween edition of Page Presents, I told the story, “Wait ’til Martin Comes.”  Page the Bookworm was excited to get to play the part of the person who tries to spend the night in a haunted house.  I had three progressively larger cardboard cats to represents the cats who appear next to the fireplace and then say, to someone who can’t be seen, “Shall I bite him now?”  And a disembodied voice says, “No, wait!  Wait ’til Martin comes.”   The giant cat in the photo was actually the middle cat.  I had an even larger cat head, and my colleague Amy made this huge head loom up behind the gigantic middle cat, suggesting a truly colossal cat.

Mr. Matt played hoedown music and had the kids make up their own special moves.

The kids loved it.  And they got to make not one, not two, but three puppets to represent the three cats in the story.  The smallest was made out of a tiny paper bag, and the middle one was made out of a lunch-sized paper bag.  The largest was a bodi-puppet made from a large grocery bag, with a paper plate head, and fabric arms that tie to the child’s wrists.

Here are some of the scary cats!

And, just to give you an idea of the scale of the middle cat, here it is in our bay window on Halloween night!

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